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An EU Directive has scheduled a target for all

by:TopShow     2020-07-02
Who needs to look for Zero Carbon Buildings? 1. If you are beginning to plan a new sustainable school buildingor wooden nursery building, you have to consider if your project has to meet these purposes by the time it reaches fruition. All Public buildings need to satisfy these objectives by 2016 (England) or 2014 (Wales) 2. If you plan on completing your project prior to these dates, then it is surely just good practice and good economic sense to seek out a zero carbon building. 3. If you are in a rural area and reliant on fossil fuels such as LPG and Oil no doubt you are already suffering from the increased cost and will see the idea of Zero Carbon replacement as an absolute necessity. When working out if you can afford the cost of a replacement building, don't forget that all that money saved on energy for the building will be coming back into your budget. 4. Schools have relied on portable modular cabins for extra space over the years. These can often be poorly insulated and therefore expensive to run. Replacement with a sustainable building should be considered. In today's market, sustainable alternatives are now available which offer fast construction, attractive finishes, economical prices, sustainable materials and most importantly zero-carbon or carbon positive energy use to comply with the EU Directive. Effectively designed Timber Buildings - especially Machine Profile Log Buildings, have numerous inherent benefits when it comes to achieving Zero Carbon and need extremely little in the way of additional cost to become Carbon Positive ie; they will generate more energy than they consume. Already, these buildings are demonstrating excellent air pressure test results. They have very high energy ratings on windows and doors excellent U Value ratings to walls, floor and roof all combining to ensure minimal heat loss. A report on this subject confirms that they are little more than a solar panel away from becoming Carbon Positive. This is based on wattage of energy used against energy generated and is NOT dependent on the higher FiT rates! Sustainable MPL Timber Buildings have achieved Pressure test results as low as 3.24 m3/hr at There is still potential for improving these figures. When such an efficient building is combined with an efficient lighting and heating system energy consumption is minimised. However with the addition of an array of power generating Thermodynamic Solar Panels, not only is Carbon Zero achieved - but Carbon Positive! This means that the proud owners of one of these Sustainable MPL Buildings can enjoy their heating and cooling systems without the worry about the bills!
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