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Garmin has survived and thrived in the tight GPS market

by:TopShow     2020-07-06
1. Display The touchscreen design has a 4.3 inch WQUGA display with a 480x372 pixel resolution. The screen is equipped with an automatic color palette and anti-glare to easily read navigation at night or in any lighting condition. It's 4.8in.x0.6in.x2.9in. and weights in at a mere 4.8 ounces. 2. City Navigator It comes to us with impressive 2D and 3D display and preloaded maps of North America and Europe. Garmin Nuvi 1370t is voice-prompted with turn by turn directions and street names so drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and let the device tell them when and where to turn. There's also many voices and videos from Garmin. 3. The 'Where am I' function Enables the user to get the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of the place where he/she is. Also users can find help whether lost or in an emergency it locates the nearest hospital, fuel or police station. 4. Other Features The Garmin Nuvi 1370t has numerous other features that stand out . It has Bluetooth technology in that the 1370t can be connected to a compatible Bluetooth phone to allow users hands free calls so they can keep focus on the road. Also available is city-explorer that's helpful for users that take the bus or mass transit. Another thing that's helpful for users is ecoRoute which calculates the shortest route for the the most fuel savings. It also includes lifetime traffic update including road construction and traffic delays.Other features include JPEG viewer, unit converter, currency converter, world clock with time zones, calculator, etc. The package includes Nuvi 1370T, suction cup mount, USB cable, FM receiver power cable, Quick start manual, preloaded maps of North America and Europe, and free lifetime traffic update. Actually, the only technology that separates the 1330T and 1370 is the inclusion of FM receiver; other technologies and features are the same. Conclusion Garmin nuvi 1370T is an impressive GPS navigator; it is accurate, compact, lightweight, and it has plenty of features. Although the device is originally made for use in a vehicle, Garmin allows users to download additional software designed for pedestrians. It is even has 3D-bassed navigation for detailed view of the surrounding terrains. All in all, Garmin nuvi 1370T is such an excellent choice for those who travel frequently in North America and Europe. Along with its attractive and slim profile it also has the features that make it a very dependable navigator.
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