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I am a runner. I am a climber. I am a camper and

by:TopShow     2020-07-28
Great changes took place in my sports life since I bought my first iPhone. Many useful apps not only provided me the must-have music, photos, video, and even spouted the freshest information timely about every road, mountain, campsite, plant at which I pointed my phone. They prevented me from get lost, getting caught unprepared for weather and eradicated all of confusion during my running, climbing, and camping. But the unfortunate fact is: almost all of the smart devices are failed in supporting your day activity. Apps are more interesting, more electricity- intensive. So, I realized the importance of the portable charger after catching a shame my iPhone died on the first night of 3 day's camping. Immediately, I surf the internet for the supply information of portable charger, but absolutely dazzled by their various style, material and topic. Which is the perfect one? The pain experience searching over the last week told me: it doesn't exist, but each of chargers has one of those characteristics, it may be capacity, weight, style, or price. What do I truly want? I want a 6000mAh or greater portable charger that weighs less than 200g, so that I can charge my iPhone multiple times, iPad once, and easily take it everywhere. I finally gave up solar charger in consideration of the low conversion rate of solar energy that I can't have been in the sunlight when play outside. What's more, my charger is still used frequently in company, home, party, cafes and other indoor places. At last, I chosen a portable charger named Kinkoo Infinite One, which carries rechargeable A class lithium polymer battery with real 8000mAh power to hold a charge to my iPhone 4 for about one week, and did a good job charging my iPhone 4 - 10% to 95% in about two hours with all light bars remaining. Besides, it is surprisingly light and convenient at 5.7oz so that I can easily take it in my backpack, handbag, even Jeans pocket and hardly feel it. This is very important to sports fans. Of couse, I also love its compact design and sleek lines which are best matched with my fashion iPhone and iPad.
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