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Magnetic motors have been around for many years

by:TopShow     2020-07-01
A magnetic generator creates power by using magnets to convert magnetic energy into electricity which can be used to provide power for all the appliances and lights in your home. Since magnetic motors use magnets, they cost almost nothing to run, and the magnets that power the generator will last for many years. In fact, the magnets that are used to run the machine that powers your home can last for an estimated four hundred years or more. Your magnetic motor can supply your house with free power as long as you and your family want to live in your house. Generally, three magnets are used to power each magnetic motor by using the concept of dual attraction-which is set up when 2 magnets are positioned to exert a pulling force on a third magnet. The magnets keep the machine in motion by either forcing another magnet away or causing it to move closer. Magnetic motors kits are inexpensive and the parts are easy to find so almost anyone can build one. There are professional manuals that guide you, step by step and give detailed descriptions on exactly what needs to be done to build your own generator. In the manual, you will find a comprehensive list of the materials you will need which, of course, includes magnets, and wheels made from a non-conductive substance that can turn. You can build your own magnetic motor in your spare time for around $100 or less. This isn't much money especially considering that you will no longer have to pay another power bill. You will generate enough electricity to keep all your electronics, such as your ipod, cell phone, CD player or laptop fully charged and ready to use while providing power for all the other appliances and lights in your home. Most people are also interested in free energy magnetic motors because of the high energy costs. These motors will produce enough energy to not only generate motion, but overcome friction as well. So what this means is that once you put this energy efficient machine in motion it will not stop moving because there is no friction loss.
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