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Many RVers want to try boondocking, and the beginners

by:TopShow     2020-07-01
Thus, it is recommended to try dry camping first to get a glimpse of boondocking. As a beginner, try to opt for a location where you can get help close by if you face any problem. You can move further and further from such services into more remote lands as you gain confidence. And gradually you get comfortable with boondocking. In fact, some RVers mostly boondock as this allows them to have a huge campsite all to themselves. However, to make such trips successful you need to find ways to extend your stay. And for that, you need to plan your trip properly. Power is the most important factor while you plan a boondock. The generator-run charger-converter usually takes a lot of time to charge the batteries and it is not environmentally friendly to run the engine for the same purpose. Also, running the engine gulps fuel. Thus, you need to get an automotive battery charger, which can charge at 30 amps or more. You can simply plug the charger in to an AC outlet as you run the generator. You can even opt for a stand-alone RV battery charger or an inverter-charger, as they are more efficient. However, these chargers are more expensive than a normal automotive battery charger. You need to manage the power while boondocking. Use a multi-meter to measure battery voltage. This will help you to decide when to recharge the batteries. Another tip is to avoid charging the batteries to 100%. Much fuel is wasted once the charger is tapered off. Thus, it is recommended to charge the batteries once they drop to around 40% of their capacity. Also, remember to stop at around 80%. Forced air furnaces too consume a lot of power. Thus, it is recommended to install a catalytic heater, which heat through a chemical reaction between propane and a catalyst. This catalytic heater quietly heats away without using any electricity. You can even use solar panels. Water is important and make sure you bring enough drinking water along with you. In addition, carry other drinks as well. The water in the fresh water tank should be used for bathing and washing dishes. And while you go to town to fill in your supplies, carry a plastic jerry jug (one that can hold around 6-gallon water) and fill it with fresh water. You can later dump this water into your tank.
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