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Since when does low technology protect better

by:TopShow     2020-08-09
Alarms, cameras, and motion detectors are helpful, but they don't prevent a crime from happening. I don't know about you, but knowing someone violated my home or business would make it very uncomfortable for me to live or work there for quite a while. In my line of work, I see a lot of camera footage of burglars in retail stores stealing valuable merchandise. Every one of them has on a ski mask or hoodie and sunglasses. The real professionals even have disposable jumpsuits like the asbestos people wear. Recently, I watched an attempted break in at a store from a camera view so far away and low resolution, you could barely tell what was happening, much less get information to capture that person. What we really want to do is to prevent the ATTEMPT of the crime. However, we don't want to live with window guards, burglar bars, or solid glass block barricades. We need security barriers that are unobtrusive to the homeowner or retail environment. Window roller shutters offer the least compromise and highest prevention of any product in the marketplace. Roll up shutters enable the security barrier to disappear into box housing during the daytime, virtually disappearing from view. Our QMI window roller shutters and door shutters have the industries smallest roll diameter, meaning the box housing will be smaller and often mounted close to a retail store ceiling and out of view. The box color typically matches the storefront mullion color, thus blending into the environment. QMI even has a roll shutter that can be up to 12' tall and 20' wide and still fit into just a 7' box housing. Furthermore, retailers spend a lot of money on signage and storefront merchandising. Why hide all of those efforts, or possibly worse, use a rusty scissor pull-a-cross gate in front of the store to send a message to customers that this is an unsafe area. QMI window roller shutters are available with perforated slat curtains, enabling night time vision into the store, while letting burglars know (when they get close to the store) that this store is well protected and not worth the risk of an attempted break in. Homeowners typically use a solid slat to take advantage of the noise reduction, light control, and energy efficiency QMI rolling shutters provide. There is no need to permanently mount window guards when rolling shutters can provide more security, while not making a prisoner of the homeowner or retail worker.
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