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Studded belts for men come in so many styles it

by:TopShow     2020-06-24
Subtly Cerebral Stud When we think of studded belts, subtle is certainly not the first word that comes to mind.' However, the classier collection of studded belts this season is handsome and mature ' a refreshing break from the studded belts of teenagers past. Saunter into work wearing Levi's 'Stud Leather Belt' in worn black leather underneath a cashmere v-neck sweater. The flush round stud accents offer a minimalistic appeal for the modern man, finished off with a classic silver buckle. Studded belts like this one are perfect for everyday wear without making too bold of a statement. Boot Scootin' Stud We can't talk about studded belts without addressing the cowboy-inspired stud. These aren't your typical country studded belts, but they do draw tremendous inspiration in design from that tradition. Studded belts with cowboy flair have beautifully etched silver buckles, intricate or decorative stitching, and tastefully placed bronze or silver studding. The 'Austin Belt' from Ariat is perfectly understated when it comes to these boot scootin' studded belts. Tooled shaped billets and small round silver studs spice up a two-toned, overlaid brown leather belt. Regardless of your style, wear this belt with your favorite jeans and tennies or with a nice pair of work slacks and add life to your look immediately! Fashionably Ferocious Stud Of course, studded belts today truly belong to a raucous, fashion-conscious group of men who play instruments, produce TV shows, drive fast cars and are generally badass! These studded belts have rock-n-roll and runway written all over them. One of our favorite fashionable creations when it comes to men's studded belts is the Streets Ahead '3 Strand Studded Belt' in black leather. As the name suggests, three stands of studded leather are woven lightly together and linked in three places by brass rectangles. Indeed, the perfect accessory to glam up a pair of tight-legged jeans and your favorite Chuck Taylors. Top it off with an oversized beanie and be on your merry hipster way! Or, you can go FULL glam rock wearing the Affliction 'Wreckage Belt.' With bronze and silver-toned nailhead and pyramid stud accents, and an antiqued silver roller buckle, this belt is sure to add serious attitude to any outfit. Rock it out with a pair of black pants, vintage tee, and a stylish hoodie and you're ready for a fun night out in the city. Studded belts have come a long way, but the original art of hammering metal into leather remains true to form. For the most long-lasting, durable studded belts, buy genuine leather and real metal studs. A little more on the price tag goes a long way, especially since studded belts aren't leaving the fashion world any time soon!
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