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The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one that

by:TopShow     2020-08-03
Fight and training equipment Those competing in MMA bouts wear very little in the way of what we traditionally consider to be clothing; simply a pair shorts and some underwear. The fight shorts are designed to withstand pulling and tugging that can occur during grappling and they also permit lots of movement which enables kicking and wrestling. The underwear, often also referred to as protective shorts, are much tighter and offer support for a protective box to be fitted. In addition to the clothing a competing fighter will also wear a pair of MMA gloves; these are fingerless to allow grappling and weigh 4oz. Finally you will also need a gum shield to compete if you want to protect your teeth. In a training environment you are advised to use additional MMA gear; such as a rashguard, shin and arm pads and proper sparring gloves. Fashion clothing The fashion side of MMA gear incorporates a whole raft of items, from T-shirts to belts. Perhaps the most popular fashion item is that of the hoodie; which can be found in all manner of shades. Another aspect that deserves mention is the move of well recognised fighters to begin producing their own fashion wear. This has proven to be a lucrative decision and provides fans with the opportunity to show allegiance to their favourite fighter through buying their branded MMA gear.
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