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There have been a number of clothing lines in

by:TopShow     2020-07-18
However, according to many fashion expets, Avirex branded clothing lines weren't a line of urban clothing lines which was inspired by military clothing unlike any other brands of urban wear. Avirex, in fact, was first a distributor of military garments for many of the US' armed forces before it was introduced in the mainstream. Avirex before the mainstream Avirex, which means 'sky king', was founded in 1975 by Jeff Clyman in an effort to keep the production of of traditional WW2 style pilot jackets issued to the-then USAAF as well as other aviation related garments. And for 25 years, wholesale avirex have served as one of the few suppliers of aviation gear as well as other military attire such as for the army, the navy, marine corps, and the US coast guard. Before its growth into the public market, Avirex served as suppliers for aviation jackets. However, the Avirex collection started to gain a lot of attention when it was first featured in a number of movies in the past, such as in Star Wars, Terminator, and Indiana Jones. Tom Cruise also wore these jackets in one of his premier movies, Top Gun. Avirex as a fashion icon Because of its collection of authentic flight jackets, which also heralded the 'authentic American look', the public grew anxious and wanted to have their own jackets that they saw on those movies. Because of this demand, Jeff Clyman and Avirex decided to open their collection for the public, which gained a lot of recognition in the market. Today, however, other than their collection of flight jackets, wholesale avirex have also expanded to offering urban clothing lines such as t-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other popular urban garments. In 2006, Avirex was sold to 3 different countries around the world, the US, Japan, and in Europe. According to many fashion enthusiasts, each country and region are known to for their own designs which are different from each other, except from its logo, which is to keep their originality from each other. It was also in that time that wholesale avirex branded military and class apparel was discontinued. This was then transferred to a new Clymans company which is known today as Cockpit USA.
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