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These days, many people are trying to be eco-friendly

by:TopShow     2020-06-19
The first concept car on our list is AERO. AERO was designed by Cristian Polaco to be a 3-wheeled, eco-friendly car in more ways than one. This car can accomplish a lot by using little energy from its rechargeable batteries. The batteries can be recharged using solar power that is generated from a solar panel between the front two tires, or wind power using the car's wind harvesting system. Of course, if you are somewhere where there is not wind or light, you can simply plug it into any 120V power source. If you have been hang gliding and enjoyed it, you may like the next concept car. The Wind Light Vehicle is powered by wind, pretty much the same wait a sail boat is. This is also a 3-wheeled car, but it has a device on it that acts kind of like a kite. When you aren't using the 'kite' part of the car if goes back on top of the skinny car, like it is a windshield. Like the AERO, if you aren't in a place that is windy enough to make you fly down the road, you can simply use the electric motors that are in each wheel to run this kite-like car. Lamborghinis have always been known for their luxury, style, and speed, but now they have something else to add to their list, being eco-friendly. Flavio Adriani has created a concept car, Lamborghini Countach EV, that runs on electricity that is generated by both solar and wind power. The Countach EV has 4 wheels and like the Wind Light Vehicle, each is powered by an electric engine that is powered by batteries. It has solar panels on the top of the car towards the back end. On the very front of the car by the head lights, are 4 wind turbine engines that help power the car. Now you can ride in style and be eco-friendly. The next on the list is called The Ventile. This car was designed by a French car designer, Thierry Dumaine. The car is meant to be a mixture of traditional and modern style car that is self-sufficient by converting wind to energy. The car has very large wheels each with two small tires and a fan between the two. This is one way the car can convert wind into energy. Since the wheels are so big, it allows for wind to enter the base of the car where it is then turned into energy as well. The energy created is stored in generators near each wheel.
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