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We are all familiar with good old fashioned windmills

by:TopShow     2020-06-16
What these devices all have in common is the fact that they all operate on energy flowing from the local environment. The term FREE ENERGY generally means a method of drawing power from the local environment, without the need to burn a fuel. There are many different successful methods for generating free energy and these methods have come from different countries and span many years. The amount of power which can be collected can be very high and the few kilowatts needed to power a household is most definitely within the reach of most of the perpetual motion devices mentioned. The most important point to remember is that energy can definitely be drawn form the local environment in sufficient quantities to supply all of our needs There are many websites with scientific papers and facts about different types of machines or devices that can providealternative energy solutions. Traditionally we have relied on fossil fuels or secondary sources of power such as electricity and nuclear power, for our energy. These however are expensive; they all cause pollution and require transportation or transmission over long distances to the point of use such as our homes and businesses. After doing a lot of online research and investigation I have gathered enough information to be fairly confident in what has been achieved to date and what is now happening. There has been a surge of interest in the 'possibility' and 'hope' that we may all be able to produce our own free energy thus enabling us to power our homes, cars and businesses FREELY and FOREVER. Solar powered energy systems and wind powered generators have been around for some time now and have become accepted methods for generating electricity. These systems however can be fairly costly to build, though there are also basic plans and instructions available on the internet for those willing to build one from scratch. The energy that powers these devices comes to us via the Sun which heats air and water, causing wind and rain to feed power to devices. This flow of energy comes from our local environment and costs nothing and it will keep on coming whether we use it or not. Neither of these methods is particularly efficient nor are they reliable since it is not always sunny and the wind does not always blow. This being the case they have not posed a particular threat to the conventional power supply companies. Perpetual Magnetic Generators belong to the next generation of energy devices that do not need fuel in order to function and will operate no matter what the weather is doing. Magnetic generators are able to provide us with sufficient energy to power our homes constantly with FREE Electricity. This is no longer a pipe dream it is now reality. Many people are suggesting that there has been and still is a conspiracy to suppress this information with the intention of preventing perpetual motion devices from ever reaching the market place. But having said that it is still very probable thatmagnetic generatorswill be available for purchase as a commercial product within the next few months. The momentum of public interest has taken hold and it would appear that there is nothing that can stop it now. We have to thank the people who are offering plans online with instructions to build these products for helping to expose this conspiracy and enabling the ordinary householder to build his or her own perpetual motion generator. These products may be quiet perfect but they are definitely a step in the right direction. Each and every one of us now have the opportunity to build their own Magnetic Generator and with it the ability to generate our own electricity. Abigail Wright is a web publisher and SEO enthusiast. My passions include my family, helping people, the outdoors and exercise, and green living.
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