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What about men's fashion and men's apparel? In

by:TopShow     2020-06-25
Lucky for Americans, there have been a number of American designers who have started a men's line of clothing, shoes and accessories that somehow are able to merge fashion with the boring staple in men's clothing. These designer men's clothing lines like Aeropostale and Vans have become extremely popular among the teenagers and young adults because of their comfort, modern designs, and online pricing. Yes, it would seem that the prices for these designer men's clothing brands can be bought at discounted or lower prices in online stores probably because of the lower overhead and cost of merchandising. Logically this would mean that for anyone to find new trends and styles in men's apparel, shoes, and accessories, they should head to their computers and mobile phones to access what's in online men's clothing stores. Here are a few top picks for this week: American-Made Footwear With all the news that has been going around, American-made is the way to go with fashion. It not only makes a style statement; it also identifies one's support for the American way of life and the American dream. With footwear, look for printed designs, easy lace-up shoes in bold colors, and vintage leather shoes in black or dark brown. Bold Scarves That Make a Statement If you really want to mimic the uptown man of style, wear an extra-large scarf, twisted and knotted to break the monotony of a suit or a jacket. Even if you're wearing the same jacket all year long, the scarf is going to turn it around and make you and your jacket look spectacular. For those who don't want to venture too far away from mainstream, look for unusual patterns in scarves in your favorite online men's clothing stores and from your favorite designer men's clothing brands. Just remember this tiny tip: Bold and bright is good as long as it is worn on the appropriate occasion and with the right outfit and shoes. The Camo's High Fashion! Yes, the camouflage look is now high fashion BUT is cannot be the bright greens and olive tones. Tone your camo look so the print is barely there or if you have an authentic camo outfit, mix with neutral shades to tone down the look. You might even want to consider bleaching it a bit so it blends in easier with your other clothing items. For this week, the predictions on the best buys on designer men's clothing or non-branded men's clothing for the stylish man are: anything burgundy, the biker hoodie, and orange shirts preferably with a little accent somewhere.
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