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Writing an Invitation for Baby Shower Party

by:TopShow     2020-06-22
Whether it is a first born or the arrival of a subsequent new born, getting to live through the days of new found parenthood is a wonderful experience every single time and something that everyone cherishes throughout life. Think about how our parents felt when they would be sifting through stuff in the attic and run into old pictures of us when we had just arrived into this world. The smile on their lips, the twinkle in their eyes, and the keenness on their face is merely a fraction of the wave of emotions they felt storming inside of them and in their lives at that point in time. And so, once our parents finally brought us home from the hospital, they would have definitely thrown a party for their family & friends. But they also threw another gathering for us prior to our arrival into this mortal world i.e. our baby shower celebration. We are going to have to do the same for our due kids when we get pregnant and man oh man, is it going to be one hell of an experience or what! I would LIVE for that moment, for feeling that rush of euphoria that comes with knowing that very soon I will get to see the new life created through the union of me & my love; wanting so bad to see what the little one looks like, does the face resemble mine or the mother's, whose eyes does he/she take; simply amazing! We will have to throw a baby shower for our little ones as well; and thus, knowing what to write in a card message for a baby shower card invitation becomes inevitably important. What to Write in a Baby Shower Card Announcement? Proper Etiquette to Inviting Your Guests So this is your moment; making an announcement for the big change about to take place in your life. And you want to have fun, celebrations and send the word out with a bang! So what you want to do is (preferably) select a theme for the baby shower; unless of course you wish to keep things simple and traditional (no harm in opting for that alternative either). Few specifics that should make it onto your baby shower card greeting should be inclusive of: Mention the hosts (mother, father or grandparents-to-be) Surely the important figure at the occasion would be the mother-to-be. But at the same time, that does not diminish the importance of the father-to-be. Both individuals get to play the role of hosts assisted by the grandparents as well in certain cases. Therefore, be sure to ink down the names of all members of the hosting committee. State the venue address and directions Majority of the times, the venue will be the couple's residence itself. So while your close friends might be aware of where you live, be sure to mention the address and (of possible) the directions as well for new comers such as colleagues or family members driving in from out of town. Indicate the dress code if you have decided upon any Though I am not a big supporter of specifying the dress code, you can choose to do so if you wish to. My reason for not going down that road is because guests should have the freedom to dawn whatever attire they feel comfortable in. However, as I stated previously, if you wish to, you can mention on the card whether the preferred attire is casual, formal or according to the theme. Asking for things in lieu with the baby shower theme While normally many people might not prefer to do so, the hosts do have the liberty to specify if guests are to bring anything with them in-line with the theme of the baby shower. The final details on your baby shower party invitation will be comprised of the time & date. Sending Out Baby Shower Invitations These are just the basic elements of what to write in a baby shower card invitation. You can get as creative as you what; the possibilities remain endless. Design the invite in the shape of a diaper, a pacifier, a bib, a baby's hoodie - anything! Lastly, amidst all the hustle bustle of the planning & execution, remember to have fun and show love to your special one who partnered with you to give you one of the most priceless & beautiful gifts one person can give to another; the formation of bond born through the arrival of a new life.
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