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You're not super-rich, super in-shape or super-famous

by:TopShow     2020-06-29
Play It Cool Would you be attracted to someone if they came up to you trembling, head turned down, and asked if you'd 'umm, maybe, I mean if it's cool, want to talk'? Hell no! Attractive women, like most sane women, are put off by doubt and low self-esteem. Attractive women desire power and self-confidence. Upping the bravado and approaching women with tired lines is not going to get you noticed. There are most likely tons of other guys vying for the attention of the woman you're seeking. Unlike you, they've read that they should be as macho as possible in their approach. Listen, playing it cool is one thing, but over-the-top swagger is going to make you look like a tool. You can't try too hard, nor can you fake confidence. You've got to have game within you to begin with. Using someone else's lines or putting on some sort of front are two telltale signs of a lack of confidence. Flaunt what you've got, whether it's a wicked sense of humor or sick skee ball skills; whatever will make you stand out from the throngs of average dudes. Be different. Don't hit on her, do talk to her. Make an impression the best way you can: by being yourself. You'd be surprise at how much this actually works. It will make you consider why you've never approached beautiful women before. How to Attract Beautiful Women Without Falling Prey to Their Insanely Good Looks Who cares if the woman you're after makes Megan Fox look like a troll? Beautiful women get complimented on their looks all the time. Do you really think your middle school poetry ('Your eyes are like pools of seduction') or straight-up douchebaggery ('Hot legs, babe') is going to win her over? You've got to be the guy that isn't fazed by her beauty, a seemingly impossible task if she's even 1/100th as hot as Cristiano Ronaldo. Not only will it make you look like a gentleman (even in a 'Jersey Shore' world, women still appreciate things like class), but she'll be impressed by your lack of intimidation. If you're intimidated by her beauty, she's going to assume you're intimidated by life in general, a huge turn-off. Complimenting a woman on something other than her looks also gives her the impression that you're actually interested in her for more than her measurements. If you can actually talk about something other than her body or how she looks 'like the spitting image of Alessandra Ambrosio,' you have a much better shot of keeping her interested. Not focusing on her looks doesn't mean you should flat-out ignore how insanely hot she is however. Like any women, she will appreciate compliments. Let her know she's beautiful; just make it less than 99% of the conversation if possible. While you don't want to focus on her looks, you should make an effort in looking your best. Would you show up to a drag race riding a Huffy? Don't approach beautiful women in sweatpants and that old college hoodie with the mustard stain. Again, you don't need to look like David Beckham, but you should look presentable and well-groomed.
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